Emerging Scholar Prize: Donors

The BSC Council initiated a fundraising drive in 2013 to establish the Emerging Scholar Prize. Several members of the BSC have already generously pledged their support, and we are happy to announce that a substantial amount has been raised. In order to ensure that the Prize is viable in the long-term, we are looking to raise $25,000 to create a stable endowment. If, after a reasonable amount of time, this is not feasible, monies raised to that point will be used to fund the Prize directly. Should the Prize be terminated, remaining funds will be distributed among the Society’s fellowship and awards programs.

Please consider making a gift to the Society in support of the Emerging Scholar Prize. You may wish to use a gift to honour a friend, mentor, or colleague. Gifts are tax deductible. Cheques, made out to “Bibliographical Society of Canada” with “Emerging Scholar Prize” in the memo field, can be sent to:

The Bibliographical Society of Canada
c/o Tom Vincent
304 Olympus Avenue
Kingston, ON K7M 4T9

The Society wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the following donors:

  • Sandra Alston
  • Guylaine Beaudry
  • Pat Belier
  • Fiona Black
  • Jennifer Connor
  • Anne Dondertman
  • Elizabeth Driver
  • Nancy Earle
  • Gail Edwards
  • Patricia Fleming
  • Alana Fletcher
  • Janet Friskney
  • Alan Galey
  • Carole Gerson
  • Nicholas Giguère
  • J. Godolphin
  • Greta Golick
  • Jeannine Green
  • C. Gryski
  • Edna Hajnal
  • Balfour Halevy
  • Robin Healey
  • Sushil Kumar Jain
  • Marcel Lajeunesse
  • Val Lem
  • Geoffrey Little
  • Bertrum MacDonald
  • Anne McGaughey
  • Eli MacLaren
  • Ian MacLaren
  • Don McLeod
  • Roger Meloche
  • Jacques Michon
  • Peter Mitham
  • Heather Murray
  • George Parker
  • Linda Quirk
  • Carl Spadoni
  • Apollonia Steele
  • Joeée Vincent
  • Tom Vincent
  • Germaine Warkentin
  • Mary Williamson
  • Joan Winearls
  • Alberta Wood

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