Call For Papers: Joint scholarly event at Congress 2017 with CASBC

Reading, Writing, Printing & Publishing in Canada since Confederation

A one-day scholarly event co-organized by The Bibliographical Society of Canada & The Canadian Association for the Study of Book Culture

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences
30 May 2017 – Ryerson University

Program Chairs: Ruth-Ellen St. Onge, Janet Friskney & Myra Tawfik

In recognition of Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017, the Bibliographical Society of Canada (BSC-SbC) and The Canadian Association for the Study of Book Culture (CASBC-ACÉHL) are collaborating on a joint day to be held at Congress 2017 in Toronto. In keeping with Congress’s overarching theme of “The Next 150: Far and Wide,” we invite paper and/or panel proposals related to the broad topic of reading, writing, printing & publishing in Canada since 1867. We hope to inspire presenters and participants to consider questions that include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • How has Canada’s unique history—informed by two official languages, the forces of colonialism, imperialism, and the looming presence of our neighbours to the south—shaped domestic print production and distribution from 1867 to the present day, or, in turn, been shaped by it?
  • How have printers, publishers, literary institutions, authors, and readers emerged within, influenced, and reacted to the Canadian context since 1867? What challenges did they face as they created, facilitated, nurtured, and responded to written works authored and/or published in Canada? What challenges do they continue to face?
  • What histories of print and of the book—reflecting the multiplicity of ethnic, religious, racial, linguistic, regional, and cultural communities of Canada—have yet to be revealed, studied, or celebrated?

We encourage proposals that explore these questions, or any other aspect of Canada as a place, nation, culture, and society, that has inspired the creation, production, dissemination or reception of published works in any genre or form since 1867.


  • Please submit a one page proposal and a brief biography in English or in French [including your full name, professional designation, institutional affiliation or place] no later than 15 December 2016 to
  • Papers presented on the joint day should be no more than 20 minutes in length.
  • Separate CFPs will be launched for the BSC-SbC and CASBC-ACÉHL’s annual general meetings, occurring respectively on 29 May and 31 May 2017. Please indicate to the Program Chairs if you are submitting a proposal to the joint day as well as the separate annual meetings.
  • Our ambition is to produce a special theme issue of the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada containing a selection of article-length versions of the papers presented at this jointly-organized event. If you are interested in expanding your conference paper to article-length (approximately 25 double-spaced pages inclusive of notes) for submission to the special issue, please indicate that clearly in your initial proposal. The deadline for submission of articles to the PBSC will be 15 July 2017. Please see the journal web site for guidelines in preparing your submission at
  • Participants invited to present papers must register for either the BSC-SbC or the CASBC-ACÉHL conference.

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