Call for Papers: Annual Conference of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

The Book at the Crossroads of Diversities

The Annual Conference of the Bibliographical Society of Canada
Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Regina
28-29 May 2018

Over the centuries, the book has played a pivotal role in capturing, preserving and passing on voices to succeeding generations of readers. At Congress 2018 bibliographers and book historians will gather at the annual conference of the Bibliographical Society of Canada to explore the many facets of the book that have made it such an enduring conveyor of the diversities upon which Canadian culture has been built.

To explore this broad theme, paper and panel suggestions are being requested in the following subject areas:

  1. how traditional methods of descriptive bibliography might be applied in new and unexpected ways to academic inquiry:
  2. on developing directions in the book arts as the book takes on new diverse shapes, formats and meanings;
  3. the evolution of publishing within the diverse minority linguistic, ethnic and cultural groups in Canada and the challenges faced by bibliographers who seek to document this output;
  4. the representation of diversity in specific publications such as textbooks over time;
  5. studies of specific genres such as almanacs and diaries that reflect unique characteristics of their authorship, readership and origin;
  6. explorations of the many diverse approaches to book history through historical, literary, cultural, sociological, technological and bibliographical studies; and
  7. exploration of the work and impact of noted Western publishers ( e.g. such as Mel Hurtig), Prairie writers, presses, bibliographers and bibliographical projects.

In recognition of our gathering in Regina, proposals that address aspects of the history, literature and book culture of the Prairie Provinces are particularly encouraged.

Please submit a one-page proposal and a brief biography in English or in French (including your full name, professional designation, institutional affiliation or place) no later than 15 January 2018 to

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