2018 Rencontre annuelle de la Société bibliographique du Canada

Programme préliminaire
Congrès des sciences humaines, Régina (Saskatchewan)
28-29 mai, 2018

Lundi le 28 mai, 2018  

8:30 am. – 9:00 am. Mot de bienvenue
9:00 am. – 9:30 am. Gwendolyn Davies (University of New Brunswick)
Loyalist printers, almanac poetry, and New Boys’ “New Year’s Verses” in Maritime Canada: 1775 -1830
9:00 am. – 10.00 am. Sarah Dorward (University of Saskatchewan)
The presentation and reception of James DeMille’s “ A strange manuscript found in a copper cylinder
10:00 am. – 10:30 am.  PAUSE
10:30 am. – 11:15 am. Rasoul Aliakbari  (University of Alberta)
Print at the crossroads of diversities: The case of a hybrid framework
11:15 am. -11:45 am. Sam Popowich (University of Alberta)
“Agents of change”: Books and Marxist theories of history and technology
12:00 pm. – 1:00 pm. DINER
1:00 pm. – 2:00 pm. BSC/SbC Annual General Meeting
2:15 pm. – 2:45 pm.  Ruth Bradley-St.Cyr  (University of Ottawa)
The Ontario Royal Commission… Children’s literature?
2:45 pm – 3:15 pm. Jocelyne Thompson (University of New Brunswick) How to eat an elephant: Filling the gaps in New Brunswick bibliography
3:15 pm. – 3:45 pm. PAUSE
 3:45 pm. – 5:00 pm. Panel – Robert Cole, Sharon Farnel, Kelly LeBlanc  (University of Alberta) From bibliography to digital repository: Traditional bibliographic practices and the provision of “meaningful access in an online environment      

Mardi le 29 mai, 2018

 9:00 am. – 9:30 am. Susan Cameron (St. Francis Xavier University)
Gaelic publishing in Nova Scotia in the 19th and early 20th centuries
9:30 am. – 10:00 am. Virginie Mailhot       (Université de Sherbrooke)Portrait: Les Éditions Hannenorak
10:00 am. – 10:30 am. PAUSE
10:30 am. – 11:15 am. Jennifer Scott  (Simon Fraser University)
Between two worlds: Catharine Parr Traill in books and periodicals in Canada and Britain
11:15 am. – 12:00 pm. Scott Schofield (Western University)
A diversity of readers: Studying, describing and mapping the multiple copies of Ralph Brooke’s “ A catalogue of the Succession of the Kings, Princes, Dukes ( London, 1619 and 1622)
12:00 pm. – 1: 30 pm.  DINER
1:30 pm. – 2:15 pm.  Mary Kandiuk (York University)
Exploring the diversities of book form: Artists’ books in Canada
2:15 pm. – 3:00 pm.  Laura Gerlitz (University of Alberta) 2018 BSC/SbC Emerging Scholar Prize winner
How to sell a Harlequin: Bringing the digital humanities into reader’s advisory
3:00 pm. – 3:30 pm. PAUSE
3:45 pm. – 4:45 pm.  Dr. Patricia Demers  (University of Alberta)
Invité d’honneur organisée avec SbC-BSC &  CASBC-ACEHL