2021 Études du Livre et Bibliographie au Canada: Le livre au coeur des relations

Conférence annuelle virtuelle de la Société bibliographique du Canada
31 mai – 1 juin, 2021
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MONDAY MAY 31, 2021

Session 1 – 11-12.45pm EST

Chair: Elizabeth Willson Gordon, The King’s University

“Relations of the Dead: Use and Disuse of Ancient Egyptian Funerary Books”
Chana Algarvio, University of Toronto

“The Provenance History of Saami Book Collections in Finland”
Sophie Alix Capdeville, University of Jyväskylä

“‘See Son, We Do Have a History’: The Roy States Black History Collection at McGill University”
Christopher Lyons, McGill University

“Plagiarism Indicating a Rejuvenation Demand”
Muazzez Uslu, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University

Session 2 – 1-2.45pm EST

Chair: Svetlana Kochkina, McGill University

“How To Join the Rowling Club: Constructions of Authorship and Writing in Contemporary Children’s Book Manuals and Handbooks”
Amanda Daignault, University of Alberta

“Encyclopedia studies: A bridge between literature and media studies”
Steve Jankowski, York University

“Canadian Literary Festivals: Creating Community in Speculative Fiction Publishing”
Ellen Forget, University of Toronto

“Zine Politics and the Intuitions of Zine Culture »
Izabeau Legendre, Queen’s University

Annual General Meeting – 3-5pm EST

L’assemblée générale annuelle pour de nos membres de la Société bibliographique du Canada.


Session 3 – 11-12.45pm EST

Chair: Philippe Mongeau, University of Delaware

“Metadata Mapping the Bookscape of Lord Byron’s Library”
Stephen Webb, University of Alberta

“Click me: literary hypertext as illness narrative for womxn with hyperandrogenism”
Megan Perram, University of Alberta

“L’imprimé LGBTQ+ à l’aube de la modernité québécoise : surréalisme et transsexualité sous la Grande noirceur”
Alexis Lacasse, Université de Montréal

Session 4 – 1-2.45pm EST

Chair: Rachel Harris, Concordia University

“MacTalla, persistent echo, marginalized voice, contemporary reverberation”
Susan Cameron, St. Francis Xavier University

“Rarities Regarding Champlain: An Extra-Illustrated Edition from 1613”
Ann Marie Holland, McGill University

“H.A.S. Hartley’s Classical Translations (1889) and the Politics of Race”
Billy Johnson, University of Toronto

“‘Little White Savages’: Discursive Constructions of Settler-Colonial and Indigenous Childhoods in Canadian Children’s Print Culture”
Cheryl Cowdy, York University

Session 5 – 3-4.45 EST

Chair: Christopher Lyons, McGill University

“Public Libraries and Diverse Historical Records”
Inaam Charaf, New Brunswick Public Library Service

“Asian Canadian Literary and Cultural Bibliography”
Val Ken Lem, Ryerson University

“Relating to the Book: An Embodied Humanities Approach to Increasing Student Engagement with Book Culture”
Leith Davis, Simon Fraser University

“At the Helm but Unheard: Exploring Women Printers in the Special Collections of McGill Library”
Elis Ing, McGill University and Lauren Williams, McGill University

Special Collections Interest Group – 5-7pm EST

Chair: Scott Schofield, Huron University College

The aim of this session is to brainstorm ways in which the SCIG can serve special collections’ professionals and users through information sharing, networking, training, advocacy, and outreach. Several BSC-SbC members felt that it would be beneficial to create a group within the BSC that would give those interested in special collections a forum to discuss issues of mutual interest. Everyone with an interest in the field is welcome, be they information professionals, professors, students or members of the book trade.


Amanda Daignault, Conference Committee
Victoria Fard, Artist for ILLUMINATION
Christopher Lyons, Awards Committee
Philippe Mongeau, Conference Committee and Translation
Linda Quirk, Conference Committee
Alison Rukavina, Awards Committee
Scott Schofield, Awards Committee Chair
Karen Smith, BSC-SbC President
Chris J. Young, Conference Committee Chair