Graduate Student Merit Award Winner for 2024

The Bibliographical Society of Canada (BSC) is pleased to announce that Sarah Dorward has been nominated for the BSC-SbC’s Congress Graduate Student Merit Award, which includes a grant of $500.

Sarah Dorward is a Doctoral Candidate and SSHRC Doctoral Fellow at Carleton University. She studies late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century transatlantic authorship, focusing on authors who were from or resided in Canada. The Conference Committee was impressed by Sarah’s approach to the study of May Agnes Fleming’s fiction in the context of late nineteenth-century transatlantic networks. Sarah will present a paper at the BSC annual Conference, which will, on the example of Fleming’s career, give us important insights into how late-nineteenth-century authors residing in Canada participated, both directly and indirectly, in the transatlantic print network.

Sarah will be invited to publish a revised, article-length version of her Conference paper in the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada, subject to peer review.

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