Cancelled: 2020 Bibliographical and Book Studies in Canada Conference – The Power of Books in Bridging Divides

Annual BSC-SbC Conference Cancelled

Western University
London, Ontario
1-2 June 2020

On June 1st and 2nd, 2020 bibliographical and book studies researchers will gather for the Annual Conference of the Bibliographical Society of Canada at Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Western University in London, Ontario.

Monday 1 June 2020

Session 1

08.30-10.15 (Middlesex College MC105B)

‘Communities of reading: More tales from the imperial archive’
Cecily Devereux, University of Alberta

‘“Perhaps the white man’s God has willed it so”: Reconsidering the “Indian” poems of Pauline Johnson and Duncan Campbell Scott’
Carole Gerson, Simon Fraser University

‘Pour une approche collaborative des archives des Premières Nations : un voyage accompagné dans la mémoire du théâtre d’Ondinnok’
Marie-Hélène Jeannotte, Université de Sherbrooke

‘“See son, we do have a history”: The Roy States Black History Collection at McGill University’
Christopher Lyons, McGill University


10.15-10.30 (Middlesex College MC105B)

Session 2

10.30-12.00 (Middlesex College MC105B)

‘Sad girls online: New visions of Sylvia Plath’s Readership in the Digital Age
Danyse Golick, University of Toronto

‘Taking out the trash: The ethics of recovering white feminist fiction’ Marcelle Kosman, University of Alberta

‘Mary Leslie: The journey of a lost Canadian author’
Madeleine Fides Krucker, University of Toronto


12.00-13.30 (Middlesex College MC105B)

Lunch and Annual General Meeting

Session 3

13.30-15.15 (Middlesex College MC105B)

‘“Little white savages”: The captive white child in settler-colonial Canadian print culture and children’s literature’
Cheryl Cowdy, York University

‘How to join the Rowling Club: Constructions of authorship and writing in contemporary children’s book manuals and handbooks’
Amanda Daignault, University of Alberta

‘Book history through the lens of literature for young people’
Erin E. Kelly, University of Victoria

‘Encyclopedia studies: A bridge between literature and media studies’
Steve Jankowski, York University


15.15-15.30 (Middlesex College MC105B)

Session 4

15.30-17.15 (Middlesex College MC105B)

‘Asian Canadian literary works in English: An online bio-bibliography’
Val Ken Lam, Ryerson University

‘Poets’ papers in Canada: Their historical development and impact’
Jason Wiens, University of Calgary

‘New Brunswick Public Library Service and diverse historical records’
Inaam Charaf, New Brunswick Public Library Service

‘Collaborative Success: The Making of Imprinting Canada: The McGraw-Hill Ryerson Press Collection
Janet B. Friskney, Ryerson University
Val Ken Lam, Ryerson University
Ruth Panofsky, Ryerson University
Sally Wilson, Ryerson University

President’s Reception

17.00-19.00 (Alumni Hall)

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Session 5

08.30-10.15am (Middlesex College MC105B)

‘MacTalla, the persistent echo, the newspaper that keeps on giving’
Susan Cameron, St. Francis Xavier University

‘McGill’s extra-illustrated copy of Champlain’s Voyages […] ou, Journal des découvertes de la Nouvelle France (1613)’
Ann Marie Holland, McGill University

‘ChaRACTERistics of digital texts’
Leah Henrickson, Independent Scholar

‘How eBooks might bridge divides between photojournalists and ethnographers’
Joshua Korenblat, State University of New York


10.15-10.30 (Middlesex College MC105B)

Session 6

10.30-12.00 (Middlesex College MC105B)

‘Fastening words on paper: Cultural brokers in the borderlands’
Susan Paterson Glover, Laurentian University

‘Confronting colonialism in the classroom: Rare books and institutional legacies’
Thomas Peace, Huron University College

‘Gi-mishoomis gaa-wiishkobaninig giigidowin’ Your grandfather’s words were very sweet: An Ojibwe petition from mid-19th century’
Alan Corbiere, York University


12.30-13.30 (Middlesex College MC105B)


Session 7

13.30-15.15 (Middlesex College MC105B)

‘H.A.S. Hartley’s Classical Translations (1889) and the politics of race’
Billy Johnson, University of Toronto

‘Thinking black: Race and the archive’
James Torrie, Queen’s University

‘Reversing the Top-Down Approach of Slave Narratives Using the Case of the Brigantine Echo’
Danielle Van Wagner, University of Toronto

‘Rodney Saint-Éloi, de Haïti à Uashat: parcours d’un éditeur héraut de la diversité’
Marie-Hélène Jeannotte, Université de Sherbrooke
Josée Vincent, Université de Sherbrooke


15.15-15.30 (Middlesex College MC105B)


15.30-17.00 (Middlesex College MC110)

‘Awakening Antislavery Activism in Print: J.J.E. Linton and the Voice of the Bondsman

Nina Reid-Maroney, Huron University College
Scott Schofield, Huron University College


17.00-19.00 (Huron College Library)