Call for Submissions to the Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada (PBSC) encourages submissions to its annual volume of original articles, notes, and book reviews. The PBSC is a diamond open-access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original work on a rolling basis to afford timely dissemination of research. The PBSC publishes scholarship in the field of bibliography and the history of the book, broadly construed to include printing and publishing history, studies of authorship, print culture studies, digital humanities, copyright history, the history of reading, textual studies, scholarly editing, library history, historical bibliography, descriptive and analytic bibliography, communications studies, media history, and any literary or historical research that takes particular account of the material forms of texts.

Please contact the Editor, Chris J. Young with article and notes queries at any time:

Please contact the Book Review Editor (English), Rachel Harris with English-language book review queries at any time: 

Please contact the Book Review Editor (French), Philippe Rioux with French-language book review queries at any time: 

Submit articles, notes, and book reviews through the PBSC Open Journal System following the PBSC Style Guide in presentation, spelling, and citation.

Since 1962, PBSC has published important historical studies on the sociality and materiality of texts — including authorship, printing, binding, publishing, piracy, reading, education, and the book trade — in Canada and the world. A bilingual scholarly community has coalesced around PBSC, uniting literary critics, historians, librarians, booksellers, small-press printers, and students of English, French, history, sociology, library science, information science, bibliography, public policy, and other disciplines.

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